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We offer advice to teachers and lecturers. For example, we discuss how to become a great leader.

How much do you know about leadership?

  • Task: look at well-known leaders
  • What do these people do?
  • Key traits of good leaders
  • Moving from being in charge to leadership
  • Honing a framework of leadership
  • Qualities
  • Setting goals

Personal qualities: exploring oneself

  • Task: My own badge
  • How well do you know you and how do you know?
  • How do others see you and how do you see yourself
  • The classic iceberg metaphor
  • Exploring beliefs, prejudices, motivation and behaviours
  • Role, self perception, traits and motives
  • Task: investigating non conscious forms of behaviour
  • Looking at what motivates people – the five drivers
  • Managing and investigating motives and characteristics
  • How to apply what I am discovering to my own situation
  • Results for motivating workmates – some answers

Looking for evidence of emotions and behaviours in others

  • Activity: Me at my very best
  • Boyatzis version of intentional change
  • The six discoveries

Developing your leadership with others

  • Appreciative investigation as a means of working
  • The 8 Leadership methods – when and when not to use them
  • Coaching as a style

Tips for you.

  • 12 practical tips for success
  • Activity: What went well? What didn’t?

Ask us more if you want to know more about these tips and suggested activities.

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